This week’s nails


This week’s nails have been inspired from an advert I found in my new favourite nail design magazine called Nail It! It’s a very sweet design and I love pastel colours. I think it is more of a design for younger girls, but it is fun for a few days.

The main colour is my favourite Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Prickly Pear. The accent nail is a Nails Inc colour from last years summer line called St James’ Park.

I used my favourite dotting tool from Avon.

Sunshine Award


I have been very generously nominated for the Sunshine award by the wonderful Kelley @ Deliciously UnPolished. Check out her amazing blog here

I very much enjoy this part of the nomination as I get to promote a few blogs that I have loved reading.

The Shine On Award rules are:

1. Display the award logo to your blog
2. Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post
3. Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and happily pass on this award, making sure to link their blog into your post
5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Some facts about me.

1. I love comedy films, the more random and sillier the better. I can recite 90% of the dialogue of Napoleon Dynamite.

2. I attempted to surf for the first time ever a few weeks ago. I’m not at all good at it, I couldn’t even pull myself up onto the board, hell I couldn’t even stay on my feet for more than a few seconds. Damn you English weather!

3. I think I make the best lasagne in the world, so much so I could eat an entire dish worth meant for 4! Just don’t tell anyone that I cheat with my white sauce.

4. I’m partial to a cocktail, preferably rum or tequila based. Whoever invented them is a genius.

5. I burn just by thinking about the sun. I go no lower than SPF 50 on my face. I burn within minutes even in moderate sun, 16 degrees might as well be 30 degrees according to my skin. I blame years of hiding with a massive hat in the shade as a child.

6. Recently I have learnt that life is too short to be unhappy. Life and opportunity can pass you by if you don’t let go of things and people that prevent you from being truly happy.

7. If I could choose any hair colour to have, and suit, it would be platinum blonde with a lavender tint. Oh to dream.

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Toning and Firming with Soap & Glory


The sun beautifully peering through the clouds can only mean one thing; The race is on to get ‘beach body’ ready for the summer, and I my friends, am no exception. However, with me, it’s more beach body ready….for 2018!!

All joking aside, I decided in the new year (a cliché I know) that I needed to slim down for my health and my pride. I have allowed myself to get alarmingly overweight by comfort eating, non-existence of portion control and not one drop of exercise. Now I can rattle off excuses to you, but what’s the point? These excuses have caused me to be very unhealthy and I have paved a path for serious long and short-term damage to by body. So at the ripe old age of 26, I’m finally pulling on my running shoes.

By not taking care of myself I have to pull off an extreme weight loss as safely and sensibly as possible. So I’ve joined Weight Watchers and the gym and I’ve lost 2st6lbs/34lbs/15.5kg so far and I’ve got a long way left to go. I am a little apprehensive about my continuing weight loss due to excess skin that might remain.

I’m working out best I can with resistance band training to tone up but wondered if there was a product out there to aid the toning and appearance of my skin. So I hot footed it down to Boots and found these two products from Soap & Glory.

The Firminator: Special Bikini Body Firming Formula


This is a multi action firming lotion which helps to visibly firm, tone and reduce the appearance of orange peel skin. It contains anti-oxidants to smooth and rejuvenate the skin and Elasticboost a trade marked ingredient which firms the problem area. It has a lovely peppermint smell and when rubbed in it makes your skin feel all tingly and moisturised. This cream contains citrus oils which help with toning.

Rub about a coin sized amount into the area you are looking to treat, which in my case is my knees and thighs, and rub quite vigorously in an upward circular motion until all of the product has been massaged in. Give it about 5 minutes and you’ll notice the area go cold and really tingly, it’s not an uncomfortable feeling but it is noticeable. It really feels as if the cream is working, but I guess time will tell.

Recommended to use twice a day for extra effect, so this is what I’ll do for 4 weeks. I have measured the top part of my legs so I can track firming and toning results. Price is £12.00.

Starting Measurement – 23.5 Inches (gasp!!)

Targeted Arm Firming & Toning Formula


This cream is designed to tone and exfoliate your arms to leave them looking smooth and bump free. It uses the latest ingredients to blur unsightly marks and cellulite. The cream contains the same Elasticboost technology which is present in the Bikini Body cream which improves the elasticity and texture of the skin. There are fruit oils of lemon and orange in this cream for hydration and Kukui nut oil to repair and combat dryness. Cellulite is made worse by your skin not being moisturised enough, this cream has great ingredients to help to improve the appearance of this.

Again you only need a small amount of this cream to do the trick. The difference with the arm toning cream is that it contains micro beads for exfoliation to remove dead skin cells for a smoother appearance. These disintegrate into the skin during massage. Rub into the skin in circular sweeping motions until worked in. The scent is typical Soap & Glory, a scrummy fruity fragrance.

The sensation with this cream is different to the Bikini Body one, this again is not an uncomfortable feeling but this time it leaves your skin feeling quite heated and relaxed. This cream does come with a warning though. It contains AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) so if venturing outside make sure you slap on a higher sun lotion than normal to protect your skin from sun damage. Price again is £12.00.

Starting Measurements – 13.5 inches

I will continue to use these products for 4 weeks in the hope of some improvement. I will report back bi-weekly with an update and hopefully some inch losses. I will reiterate my earlier point that I am using this alongside diet and exercise so of course naturally these areas will slim down and hopefully the creams will make things tighter and smoother.

Lush Dirty Springwash – Shower Gel

I love everything about this time of year, with the sun coming out it really makes me feel happy. Around this time I like to use lighter brighter products with gorgeous scents to evoke that summer feeling.

A ran out of my usual body wash, Lush’s It’s Raining Men and thought I’d go for something new and I picked up Dirty Springwash. This shower gel is fresh and soft with a spearmint, and menthol fragrance. Fabulous for your morning shower to make you feel invigorated and energised for the day.

Dirty Springwash contains fine sea seat to exfoliate your skin and thyme oil for antiseptic and disinfectant purposes. If you’re looking for a cool scented body wash to wake up your senses, this is perfect.

Dirty Springwash starts at £4.50.

Summer in a bottle – Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances

I have been absent from my blog for almost 4 months now with many people asking why I have stopped posting. Well to tell you the truth, I haven’t really been in the mood.

I have had three major influences in my life that have lead me to be obsessed with cosmetics. My dad who encouraged me to spend on quality products and to appreciate the finer things in life (and an insight into male grooming), my auntie Julie who I would sit watching, mesmerised, as she added more hairspray and more bronzer in the mirror and my auntie Linda who I would swap information about creams, bath products and new fragrances which she had discovered in her local Debenhams.

Devastatingly, my auntie Linda has passed away since I last spoke to you all and so, in celebration of her love for fragrance, I am dedicating this post to her.

One of Linda’s favourite fragrances was Marc Jacobs Daisy. She loved most of Marc Jacobs’ perfumes, and I’m sure she would have loved the two latest summer additions to the Daisy collection. These are not new fragrances, released two years ago, but they are still leading the summer market at the moment.

Daisy Delight EDT

This fragrance is very different to what you would expect from a Daisy fragrance. It’s floral, but not as sweet as the original, to me, it’s quite a sporty scent, light and crisp. Delight has top notes of apple and quince flower, middle notes of iris, peony and gardenia, and base notes of musk, cedar and sandalwood. This fragrance is fresh and vibrant, perfect for a cool summer day.

Eau So Fresh Sunshine

This fragrance is familiar! Smells like the original Eau So Fresh, only fruitier. Think strawberry, apple and grapefruit, like a fruit salad on your skin. Middle notes of jasmine, rose and violet, and base notes of oak moss and amber wood. These notes bring together a beautiful and delicate fragrance perfect for the lovely summer evenings or a great holiday perfume. I love the soft scent, this is definitely a winner for the summer months.

I know my auntie would have loved trying these fragrances. She loved her perfumes and enjoyed nothing more than testing the latest ones. I’m very grateful to her for getting me so excited about fragrance and I often think of her when I discover something new.